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We have partnered with the Christian Character Formation Project (CCFP) to provide our students with a framework for character development. We focus on seven virtues and highlight them in our learning everyday in our Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School. 

-  Courage  -  Diligence  -  Integrity  -  Justice  -  Respect  -  Responsibility  -  Self Sacrifice  - 

We also utilize the CCFP for Christian Learning in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. A 4-year rotation of lessons provides variety from year to year and a deeper understanding of the Bible. Weekly lessons include a Family Memory Verse, a Bible story, and a highlighted virtue. 

"The Christian Character Formation Project guides participants through a unique process that deepens their understanding of Identity (who I am), Purpose (why I exist), and Actions (how my actions serve a Greater Purpose). Our process unfolds within the greater context of Scripture and the advancement of God’s plan for us here and in eternity. The result is internally held character that motivates acts of virtue.

Seven key virtues are explored and practiced throughout the process. While these virtues are an essential part of the process, virtuous living is not the end goal. Rather, virtues are a means to accomplish Greater Purpose."

Learn more at https://mycharacterformation.org/christian