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Survey Results

In June, we asked CG parents to weigh in on some important topics. Here is a summary of the results: 

  • WHO completed the survey: 83% of the K-8 parents and 45% of the Preschool parents
  • HOW concerned are parents about returning to school: 53% Mildly Concerned, 25% Moderately Concerned, 11% No Concerns, 11% Very Concerned
  • WHAT are parents concerned about: 57% Health & Safety, 57% Social Well-being, 44% Emotional Well-Being, 34% Academics
  • LUNCH PROGRAM: Less than 1% expect to rely on it. 
  • EXTENDED CARE: 22% expect to use it. 
  • SPACING: 85% have the expectation of feasible space between individuals to be expected and monitored.