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Virtual Specials

Welcome to SPECIALS!

These videos and lessons were originally intended to enrich learning at home during the campus closure in March-May 2020. Now they are available for Distance Learning students for the 2020-2021 school year!

Use these QUICK LINKS to skip to specific classes, or browse below to see the lessons in order of release. 

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May 7, 2020: Music with Miss Brewer


Sometimes I think we try to brush over the fact that all songs have a particular spirit about them...some songs can be in many ways neutral or just goofy. Others can be uplifting and edifying...others can be inspiring to you, and others can be actually detrimental and harmful. Sometimes a song’s vibe can be much more subtle than you think. Music often enters the subconscious and affects you emotionally, at times without you knowing it...that’s why at times you can pull a song out of your memory you hadn’t heard in ten years! I’ll give you an example...last summer I sat down to write some chords for a song. I thought I came up with the coolest progression, but then I realized it was part of a song by Stevie Wonder! That’s often how it works...chord progressions or beats or vocal styles or even attitudes are picked up by others, copied, and then manipulated into something unique enough that gives it its own flavor.

In terms of beatmaking and hip hop, yeah, the style came originally from the Bronxin a very particular historical context and community. Like hip hop, any musical style originally came from some community, be it Western classical styles, jazz, rock, folk, rap, etc.--often with elements of origin that could be edifying, sometimes not. However, people are the ones that make up a genre and shape its trajectory once it’s begun. It’s not exclusively about a set of elements of a musical style, but rather about who partakes in these elements and what they do with them. When you find a style that speaks to you, it’s important to (1) ask yourself why you like that style (2) examine the “spirit” of songs you like (3) find artists you admire and think maneuver the style well (4) (MOST key to any artist) be honest before the Lord and ask Him for wisdom and guidance, and express to Him what it is you’d like to say to others as a person--what you’d like to express--your mission statement in other words.

This website www.bandlab.com I think provides a great starting point for those wanting to make their own beats...you have to create an account (parents, if your kids are much younger, you may want to create an account together and work on beats together). Then there is a “create” button at the top right and you can start exploring different sounds (called samples) and loops! Beatmaking is a very social endeavor, so this site is also a social media platform to work off of ideas of others and connect with them if you choose to pursue the networking….so just be careful and mindful of that fact. Happy jamming!

May 6, 2020: PE with Mrs. Bredow and Mrs. Gerard

Both Mrs. Bredow and Mrs. Gerard have teamed up to bring you some tips on keeping you safe and healthy in the hot Arizona sun.  Watch this light-hearted video as a refresher on what you need to do to stay cool this summer!

May 5, 2020: Art with Mrs. Sovereign

April 30, 2020: Art with Mrs. Morton

Hello Christ Greenfield Students. Have you ever been fascinated with a particular country or region of the world? Today, I invite you to go on a journey to the country of your choosing. The beauty is that you don’t even need to pack a bag or leave your home!

So, let’s get started:

Step # 1: Choose the country of your choice

Step # 2: Learn about the music that comes from that country. Answer the following questions:Who performs it?

  • What is the style of music called?
  • When is it performed (i.e. at home, for various festivals, religious ceremonies, etc.)
  • Where is it traditionally performed?
  • Why is it performed? What is the purpose?

Step # 3: Try to find some recordings of your chosen country’s music. You can find recordings on Itunes, Spotify, YouTube, or just ask Alexa. :) 

Step # 4: Write a short paragraph describing the music you are hearing. Include your thoughts about the music. Did you like it? If yes, why? Maybe you didn’t like it. If not, how come?

Step # 5: Draw a picture of your chosen country’s flag.

Step # 6: Pray for the people of your chosen country. Pray for their health and safety and that God would turn the people in this country to Him.

Extension: Consider finding a recipe from this country and preparing it for your family. You can set the mood by playing music from your chosen country while preparing and serving your dish. Enjoy!!!! 

May 1, 2020: PE with Mrs. McCulley

Hello CGLS families.  

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed making videos with my family for you to watch and to get you moving. I hope they bring JOY to you and your family.  As a reminder, I had 3 videos:  the first video demonstrated yoga poses,  we played dice exercise games in the second video and the third video was going for a bicycle ride with your family looking for places to exercise.  Which video was your favorite?  Which exercise was your favorite?  Please send me pictures with you and your family exercising.  I would love to see them.  jmcculley@cglschool.org  

Miss you all and have a blessed day!

April 30, 2020: Art with Mrs. Morton

April 28, 2020: PE with Mrs. Gerard

Get ready to get your heart rate up!!   You will need the song “Church Clap” by KB and Lecrae, I googled it and it came up in many different ways to listen to it.  I will also attach it here for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzGElpTUcWs  

The song will start and  you will start seated with your feet off the ground (hollow hold).  As the lyrics start you will hit the ground 2x and clap, then do the other side with the beat of the music. You will repeat this until the song gets to the chorus.  Once the chorus starts you will do a fast movement ex) burpees, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sit-ups, push-ups…..then repeat.  The song is 3:17 so it is a good cardio piece.  Your rest is when you are doing the stomp, stomp clap and once the chorus starts its GO TIME !!!!!!  I would love to see what you come up with!!  Feel free to even include your pet in it if you want HAHA 

Miss you all and Happy Fitness!! 

April 27, 2020: Music with Miss Brewer

Happy Monday, everybody! Let’s start this week off right with joy and a refreshed spirit that our Lord gives us: Psalm 70:4

Let’s talk music for a sec...one of my good friends in my undergrad made the following video a few years ago. Give it a watch. Basically, it teaches you solfege (do-re-mi-fa, etc.), you know, like in Sound of Music. Okay, so if you haven’t seen Sound of Music, you just need to rent it and watch it soon. This video though, takes it up a notch and teaches you the hand signs to go with it. It may seem tedious or unecessary, but trust me, it will get your ears working to the next level. This is good for anybody who wants to just learn to listen to music better, sing better, and play their instrument more accurately. Watch the video here:


If you’re already confident with these signs, watch this video...chromatic hand signs, which helps your ear nail those semi-tones to the tee:


Chat soon,
Miss Brewer

April 24, 2020: PE with Mrs. Bredow

Eenie Einie Over

If you are like many kids, you are probably missing dodgeball!  I have a solution to satisfy your dodgeball desire. It is a game called Eenie Einie Over. I used to play this game on my grandparents’ farm with my cousins over their rabbit coop.  It is best played over a small building like a shed or detached garage that you can run around.  We played it over our minivan with sheets in the windows so you couldn’t see through them.  A clothesline with a sheet over it would work as well. 

Here are the rules:

  1. Two equal teams (or as equal as possible), minimum of 3 players total.
  2. One team has the ball and shouts, “Eenie, Einie Over!” and throws the ball over.
  3. If the other team does not catch it, they wait a couple seconds and throw the ball back over shouting, “Eenie, Einie Over”.
  4. Once a team catches it, they sneak around to the other side and try to tag people with the ball by throwing it at them.
  5. The other team’s players need to get safely to the other side of the van/building without being tagged. If a person is tagged, they join the other team.
  6. Teams now remain on these new sides to begin play once again. (You only switch sides after a catch)
  7. Once all players are on one side, the game is over.

Modifications/Reminders: Everyone takes turns throwing the ball over. 
Only throws below the neck count
Once a fleeing player reaches the other side of the van/building, they cannot be tagged

April 23, 2020: Art with Mrs. Sovereign

April 21, 2020: Music with Ms. Blasi

I have always been captivated by rhythm, specifically rhythms that I can make and create with my own body. In Music Class, most of you have learned that we call this body percussion. The New Victory Theater located in New York City is keeping the arts alive even though their theater is not up and running in the “traditional” sense. They launched a Percussion Week with lessons for every day of the week for people to complete at home. The first lesson is simple and fun for students of all ages.

Once you click here below, scroll down to the first video titled: “New Victory Arts Break - Percussion Week”. In this video, one of the teaching artists from the theater will teach you the simple basics of body percussion. He will show you how to create a body percussion pattern using the names of fruits! Watch the video to learn how. 

Do you like what you came up with? Take a video, and send it to me at lblasi@cglschool.org

I cannot wait to see what you come up with! :) 

April 20, 2020: PE with Mrs. McCulley

Hello CGLS families!

I hope you can get out as a family to exercise by going for a walk or a bike ride.  While on your walk or ride, look for places to stop and get more exercises in such as leg lifts, step ups, pushups and balancing.  And always remember to wear a helmet while riding your bike!  Enjoy being outside.  Let me know how your family exercises together.  jmcculley@cglschool.org

April 17, 2020: Art with Mrs. Morton

Good Morning CG artists!  Let’s create a Staying Home Portrait!

A portrait is a painting, photograph, or other artistic representation of a particular person. 
**You will need a camera and a helper, blanket/sheet, 10-15 items (see below) and yourself!
I found this interesting project idea on an art website I like to check for inspiration!

This project was inspired by the works of photographer, Gregg Segal.  Segal traveled around the world asking kids to keep a journal of the food they eat in a week.  Then he made a portrait of the child with the food arranged around them. This series of photos is called Daily Bread.

Watch the video and then view samples and instructions HERE. Have fun!!

April 16, 2020: PE with Mrs. Gerard

Let's do the HOKEY POKEY! 
We get to dance and get some exercise in all at the same time!!  

You will need to play Hokey Pokey on a device (Perhaps YouTube or Alexa can help!)

You start off in a plank position and do what the words say, when he/she says “thats what its all about” you will jump in like a burpee and clap and then go back down into the plank position ready for the next movement in the song.  I would love to see how creative you can be with this and the movements but still in a plank position. REMEMBER: There is no wrong way to do this so just HAVE FUN!!

Miss you all!! Stay Healthy and FIT! 
Mrs. Gerard

April 15, 2020: Music with Miss Brewer

Hi Christ Greenfield family,

Hope this special moment message finds you all doing well and hanging in there! For today, I’d like to share one of my favorite music resources with you, and the best part: it’s free! Of course, I’m a huge music theory nerd, and you may not be as excited, but check it  out anyway. I’m sending a link to the lessons, specifically, because you can start from scratch. Maybe you’ve got a piano or guitar sitting at home and would like some more context on what you may be playing on your instrument. Here’s the link:


Now personally, I would just browse around the site. I like going to the exercises, scrolling down to the purple ear training exercises, and having a field day with those...one always can improve those ears! Maybe you older musicians and vocalists would benefit from those ear training activities, too.

April 14, 2020: PE with Mrs. Bredow

Sidewalk Obstacle Course

Get out your sidewalk chalk and create an obstacle course with different movements.

Here are some movements you could incorporate into your course:

High knees
Crab walk
Bear crawl
Jumps/leaps-1 or 2 feet
Plank walks (with or without push-ups)
Shuffle Slide
Back Pedal
Frog leaps

There are so many different exercises you could use in your obstacle course. Time yourself going through it three times. Time your family members. Who is the fastest? I wish I could see what you come up with. Happy Moving!

April 9, 2020: Art (and Cooking!) with Mrs. Sovereign

Happy Easter, Eagles!

April 8, 2020: Music with Ms. Blasi


Good Morning Christ Greenfield Students,
Happy Wednesday. How are you all doing? I have a couple of fun music activities to share with you. 

Activity # 1 Here is a rhythm activity with ten levels (Level 1 being the easiest and Level 10 being the hardest). In each level, there is a rhythm made up of quarter notes.

Tap quarter notes on the top line with stems facing upward with your right hand. Tap quarter notes on the bottom line with stems facing downward with your left hand. Sometimes you will have to tap both hands at the same time. The tempo (speed of the music) gets faster in higher levels. Have fun, and see how many levels you can get through! Click for video if it doesn't load above.

Activity # 2: Every morning, I have been enjoying listening to all the sweet bird sounds outside. I hear them making beautiful melodies while I sip my coffee at the kitchen table. Their little songs make me think of the verse:  Matthew 6:26

“Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Take some time today to sit outside and listen to the bird sounds. Their melodies are simple, sweet, and joyful. Can you hear more than one sound at a time? Is there a little bird chorus performing for you? Can you see the birds making the sound, or can you only hear them?

Finally, take some time to think on how much God cares for these little birds. He feeds them and gives them everything they need. They cannot help but sing to their Maker. How much more do you think God cares for you my friend? If God cares that much about these adorable little birds, then His care for you is even GREATER. With that in mind, we have a reason to sing. Why not join the little bird chorus and sing one of your favorite praise songs to God right where you are.

If you see a bird outside, you might even consider drawing a picture of it or looking it up to see what kind of bird it is. I’d love to see your pictures and drawings. Feel free to email them to me at lblasi@cglschool.org.

Here is a beautiful song called “Sparrow” by the Christian artist Audrey Assad:


Enjoy spending time in God’s beautiful nature today and hearing all the sweet music around you!

April 7, 2020: PE with Mrs. McCulley

Fitness Dice:

1. Set Timer for 15 minutes.
2. Roll 2 dice to see the action.
3. Roll 1 die to see how many

Roll a 2 Do Sit-ups
Roll a 3 Do Push-ups
Roll a 4 Do Squats
Roll a 5 Do Burpees
Roll a 6 Do Lunges
Roll a 7 Do Jumping Jacks
Roll a 8 Run in Place
Roll a 9 Do Jumps
Roll a 10 Do High Knees
Roll a 11 Bear Crawl (across yard/room)
Roll a 12 Crab Crawl (across yard/room)

(Example, roll 2 dice and get a 9 - that's JUMPS! Roll 1 die and get a 6 - that means jump 6 times!)

April 6, 2020: Art with Mrs. Morton

Let’s create art using the art technique FROTTAGE! CHECK OUT MY VIDEO FIRST!

Frottage is a French word meaning RUBBING!  You can create art by rubbing over textured items! 

Here’s what you will need:

  • Leaves or found TEXTURE items -Remember Texture is the way something feels - bumpy, rough, etc.  You can gather stuff from a walk and/or gather stuff in your home; like a scavenger hunt!  You could gather items both ways!
  • Printer Paper
  • Crayons - paper removed
  • Pencil (optional) regular and/or colored pencils

 Now let’s capture an impression of whatever texture items you gathered!  Here are the steps to do that!


  1. Choose a textured item and place it under your printer paper!
  2. Lay a crayon on its side, now rub on top of  the paper - across the item.  You might have to use firm pressure to get the texture to come through on to the paper.

You can also use a pencil by carefully using the side of the lead - Not the TIP!

  1. Do as many rubbings as you want on one paper.  
  2. Think about how to “compose” your artwork - overlap items, put them in rows, use a variety of items, use only nature items, use only  household items, etc. You are the artist - you decide.  
  3. Make some papers with only crayon rubbings (try using a white crayon too)- then check out what you can do with those pages in the EXTENSION IDEA below!  
  4. You have created some beautiful artwork - hang them in your room or write a note inside to someone in your family!


EXTENSION IDEA ** Wax Resist Artwork - crayons have wax in them which will RESIST water!

 Here’s what you will need:

  • Frottage papers made with crayons - rubbings from above that were done with crayons!
  • Watercolor paint and a paintbrush.  You can make watercolor paint using food dye and water.
  • Cup of water
  • Area to work - table covered with newspaper or plastic, sidewalk, etc.

 What do I do next?

  1. Watercolor over your rubbings done by crayon!
  2. What colors will you use?  Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) Secondary colors (orange, green, purple) Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) Cool colors (blue, green, purple),  one color or a variety of colors!  Experiment and have fun!


Collage is a French word meaning “to glue” or “to stick together”!  You can create art by gluing paper and other items to a flat surface!

 Here’s what you will need:

  • Your wax resist artwork from the extension idea above - several sheets.
  • Plain paper (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pencil

Optional Items:

  • Crayons, markers 
  • Magazines, old books 
  • Buttons, ribbon, fabric, seeds, string, yarn - really anything you can use.

You will create artwork in response to a prompt, of your choice, using the technique of collage!

What do I need to do?  

First, pick one of these prompts to guide your creation:

  1. What does HOME feel like to you right now or what does it mean to you?
  2. What does JESUS’ DEATH AND RESURRECTION mean to you or how does it make you feel?
  3. How do you feel knowing GOD IS IN CONTROL?

Next, what images can you use to convey your feelingsFor example:

  • If in response to prompt # 1, I say home means family time and going on walks - what images convey those feelings to you?  Maybe a house, a drawing of my family and people walking. 
  • If in response to prompt #2, I say Jesus’ death/ resurrection makes me feel joyful, loved, valued - I might choose music notes, hearts and a gift/present.
  • If in response to prompt #3, I say knowing God is in control makes me feel safe and hopeful - I might choose teddy bears, smiley faces, a cross, people hugging. 

Then, choose your background paper. It could be one of your frottage/wax resist papers or plain paper.

Finally, cut out shapes  to convey your feelings from your frottage papers and glue to your background.

These are optional:

  • Add drawings with crayon/pencil to convey your feelings.
  • Cut out words that express your feelings from magazines/old books and glue onto background paper.
  • Add other items that will help convey your feelings and glue onto background paper.

 Have fun creating a meaningful artwork using the technique of collage!  


April 3, 2020: PE with Mrs. Gerard

Hello CG! I pray you all are doing well and adjusting to this “new” schedule.  We got a few more nice weeks in us before it gets hot outside so I figured we could do another outside workout and when it gets hot we will adjust to inside fitness. 

This week we are going to try “Deck of Fitness”. You will need a 1 deck of cards and some fun music to get you pumped!  Watch this video to get started! 

  1. Place the deck of cards face down where everyone can reach it. 
  2. Create an exercise chart using the list shown under the “Tips” section below. (It’s okay to modify your chart using different exercises.)  

 The object of the game is to do as many repetitions as you can of each exercise. 

  1. When you draw a card, you’ll use the exercise chart to determine which exercise to do. Complete the number of repetitions shown on your card. For example, if you draw the 4 of hearts, perform 4 jumping jacks.
  2. Face cards (e.g., a king) are worth 10 repetitions. Aces are worth 11 repetitions. 
  3. In round 1, you and your friends will play together and select 1 card for everyone to perform. In round 2, you can compete: Everyone will choose their own card and complete their own repetitions/exercises. 

Tips: • Make sure you pace your activity safely. Don’t give up form for the sake of speed. • Be sure you have enough activity space for safe movement. 

  • Follow this format, or create your own: 

 Hearts = Jumping Jacks 
 Clubs = Push-Ups 
 Diamonds = Invisible Jump Rope Jumps 
 Spades = Squats 

  • Hydration Station: Be sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after exercise

I would LOVE to see your creativity with this, and see your faces or hear from you,  so feel free to email me agerard@cglschool.org 

Love and miss you all,
Mrs. Gerard

April 2, 2020: Music with Miss Brewer

Hi CG family!

I am so thankful for each and everyone family that makes up our beautiful community. I wish you a happy Thursday, and encourage any students to engage in a little more songwriting. Nobody be intimidated...you don’t have to play an instrument/take voice lessons etc...just be willing to play with your creativity!

Here’s what’s up...take a tune you like. It could just be an instrumental melody; it could be something like Hot Cross Buns, even; it could be your favorite jam of the day. Listen to the tune a few times, and write your own words for the song. This kinda thing is called “juxtaposition.” So you’re placing something new you made on top of an existing musical idea. Stuff like this enables us to be more fluid at writing our own songs, and more broadly, expressing ourselves through writing. Blessings on your Thursday and have fun.

Remember and Meditate on Psalm 19:14 as you think about your lyrics!

~Miss Brewer

April 1, 2020: PE with Mrs. Bredow

SPECIAL: PE with Mrs. Bredow

Hello CG Family!

What have you and your family been doing to stay active?  My family has been enjoying evening walks around the neighborhood with our dog, Cosmo, to get out of the house.  I have an activity that you can do on your own, with your siblings or with your whole family.

  1. Think of a song that isn’t too long 2-3 minutes, 4 at most, that also has a lot of repeating words or lyrics and is upbeat.
  2. Next think of a movement that you could do whenever you hear those words in the song.

Example:  Baby Shark Song (repeating words are doo doo doo..)

  1. Play the song and perform that movement during those words for the length of the song.  Repeat the song a couple times to get your heart rate up!

Here are some examples varying in degrees of difficulty:

Baby SharkMarch in place and then whenever you hear the words doo doo doo.., do a jumping jack.

Run in place and then whenever you hear the words doo doo doo…, jump up really high

Hold a plank and whenever you hear the words, doo doo doo, do a push-up

Ghostbusters Theme Song: Jump rope during the song (or do little hops if you don’t have a jump rope) and whenever you hear Ghostbusters and I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts turn around and then right back with quick feet. You can do that with a jump rope too!

You could also try to do a criss-cross with the rope at Ghostbusters.

I hope you have fun with the activity. I wish I could see what you come up with!           ~Mrs. Bredow


March 31, 2020: Art with Mrs. Sovereign

SPECIAL: Art with Mrs. Sovereign

Enjoy this fun video of Mrs. Sovereign and her daughter as they add some new decor to their windows for this Easter season! Just follow the directions in the video and have fun! Send us photos of your creations - news@cglschool.org

March 30, 2020: Music with Ms. Blasi

Click HERE to watch a video from Ms. Blasi. She is CG's K-8 Music Teacher. 

You can access all of Specials videos and MORE at our CGLS News Channel

SPECIAL: Music with Ms. Blasi

Happy Monday Christ’s Greenfield Eagles! I miss you all and pray you are doing well. I found an incredible resource called “Chrome Music Lab” made by Google.


The music activities on this site are perfect for students of all ages. Here’s a screenshot of the home page:

Each picture represents a different musical “Experiment” you can try out (i.e. Song Maker, Rhythm, Spectrogram, Chords, etc.). Decide which picture you want to try first. Once you click on that picture, it will take you to a new screen. Once you are on the new screen, you can get directions by clicking on the orange circle with the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen:

One of my favorite “Experiments” is the Song Maker. You can create your own song and then hear it played back. It even gives you the option to save your composition and then share it. 

Here is a short video all about Song Maker in the Chrome Music Lab:


I would love to hear your Song Maker compositions. Email your songs to lblasi@cglschool.org. Tell me what it was like to compose your very own piece. Did you give it a title? I look forward to hearing your compositions. Happy Music Making! :) 

All the Best,
Ms. Blasi

March 27, 2020: PE with Mrs. McCulley

Hi CGLS Families, 

Greetings from Mrs. McCulley! I teach Kindergarten PE. I really miss seeing all of your faces around campus. 

Every Kindergarten PE class we start the day by saying "Good Morning Jesus." Since you are probably reading this in the afternoon, we can start by saying "Thank You Jesus!" We are so thankful that we have bodies that can move and muscles we can use. So stay active. 

I wanted to give you some ideas for yoga that can help with exercising inside. Also, yoga can help with relaxation while still using your muscles. You can search on yoga for kids and get some great videos. We have used Cosmic Kids on rainy days at school. I also have referenced PBS explaining the benefits of yoga for kids. 


In my video, my daughter Allison started with the Tree Pose, followed by Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Triangle, Plank, Downward Dog, Three-legged Dog (each leg) and finishing with Child’s Pose. Each of these poses should be held for approximately 20 seconds. You can increase holding time as you build endurance. 

Have a blessed day! 

March 26, 2020: Art with Mrs. Morton

Let’s paint like French artist, Claude Monet - en plein air painting = painting outside!!

Supplies needed: Any white paper (computer, construction, watercolor), water color paint, paint brush, and a surface to support your paper (clipboard, cardboard, sidewalk).

Homemade watercolor paint: Cups of water and food coloring; TIP:  Start with a small amount of water in a cup then add several drops of food coloring.  For a darker color - add another drop of food color, to make it lighter - add more water.  Try mixing two primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to make the secondary colors (green, orange, purple).

This activity is for all artists:

1)  Find a good spot outside to sit and observe a subject to paint; it could be a tree, your pool, flowers - whatever you find interesting to paint OR bring a doll, stuffed animal or toy outside to paint.   Look closely at your subject – notice details, colors, lighting, shadows, etc.  Tell a family member about your subject – write what time it is somewhere on your painting!

2)  Paint your subject as you see it!  Do your best - don’t worry if it’s not perfect!  Just have fun being outside and painting!

Extension for any students that are interested!

1)      Paint the same subject from the same spot as before BUT this time paint at a different time of day!  For example, if you first painted at 10 am – paint now at 3 pm.  What has changed?  Does it look different – more shadows, more sunlight?  Talk about how it looks now with a family member and write the time on your painting.

Extension for upper grades:  Impressionist artists were interested in how light reflected on water and the landscape.  Paint a landscape that includes water!  You could look up one of Monet’s paintings for inspiration or use your imagination.  Ask your parents first, then check out some of his paintings, such as: Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867;   Water Lilies, 1906;  San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk, 1908

Try using the techniques of Impressionist painters: quick short brush strokes and unblended colors.  Use tempera / watercolor / acrylic paint OR use oil pastels / crayons to create the brushstrokes.  You could also combine paint and crayons/pastels to make a mixed media painting!  You are the artist – have fun!!

1)      On a white sheet of paper, draw a simple HORIZON LINE. This separates the water from the sky.

2)      Add some rolling hills (if you want) and then paint the hills with a muted green color.

3)      With a sky color, paint the sky (Monet often used yellow tones for the sky).

4)      Paint the water, using white, blues and greens.  Monet painted choppy reflections in the water - copy the colors of the hills (or buildings if you added some) and sky as reflections in the water.  Use paint or pastels /crayons to make dappled marks (short lines/spots) in the water.

If you have questions, contact me (Mrs. Morton) at lmorton@cglschool.org – I’m here to encourage and help you as you explore and create!  I’d love to hear what you are doing and see your artwork!

March 25, 2020: Band with Miss Brewer

 This activity is encouraged for all students, their siblings, and their parents!

1. Pick one of your favorite jams (could be any style).

2. Try to round up as many family members as you can.

3. Each person can take a turn playing a bit of their song on their phone and then tell the others what this music means to them.

Things to consider might include: What do the lyrics mean to you personally? Do you like this music because of the sound (instruments, harmonies) or because of the words, or a mix of both? Does this song represent something about you or something you aspire to be? How does this song make you feel? (Happy, sad, angry, fulfilled, etc.) What do you like about the artist that created the song?

Have fun getting to know what makes your family members tick regarding music! 

Going through activities like these will help us become more connected to music and self-expression, and in turn ourselves and spirituality.

We can also become more intentional and mindful in the music with which we choose to identify. 

Let’s embody 1 Corinthians 10:31 together!

March 24, 2020: PE with Mrs. Gerard

This FUN activity can be completed by everyone at Christ Greenfield.  

I encourage you all to be active for 60 minutes today. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and the bodies GOD has blessed us with. 

Let's be HEALTHY!  Being outside is good for our immune systems and gives us some vitamin D. 

1st: Start with our normal warm up: 
*run to a tree or in place to get your heart rate up 
*opposite arm to opposite leg
*High knees
*bum kickers
*10 squats (remember weight in your heels, backs up straight) 
*Frog jumps across and inch worms back 
*skipping (mario skips)
*10 burpees

2nd: The Name Game Exercises!
Spell out your name by doing the exercises on the photo. 

pechart.PNGOnce you do your first name exercises, challenge yourself with your last name also.  

Keep your heart rate up by moving the entire time.  Stay well, Eagles!


March 23, 2020: PE with Mrs. Bredow

This activity can be completed by K-8th Grade students (Preschoolers, too!)

There are so many ways to be active but sometimes it is just hard to get motivated. 

I encourage all the students at Christ Greenfield to be active today for a total of at least 60 minutes.  

Hopefully you are able to take little brain-breaks between school work and move! 

Here is one idea:

Since it is March 23, make 23 your number today.  
Ride your bike for 23 minutes
Go for a walk/run for 23 minutes
Select 4 mindful movements and do each 23 times.

Example for younger students:

23 jump ropes or bunny hops
23 jumping jacks
23 high knees (or running in place)
23 skips or gallops

Older Students or those who want more of a challenge:

23 push-ups
23 sit-ups
23 burpees
23 tricep dips on a chair

Do this set 1-3x depending on your fitness level.

Get your heart rate up, be creative and have fun!

March 20, 2020: Art with Mrs. Sovereign

This activity can be completed by K-8th Grade students:

For today, find your art supplies and organize them.  Do not throw anything away!  For example, dried up washable markers can make watercolor paints. 

Once you are organized, it is “free art” time!  Create anything you want using your favorite art supplies! Feel free to send a video or photo to news@cglschool.org. 

Listen to music while you create! You can even use the links that Ms. Blasi shared yesterday (below).


March 19, 2020: Music with Ms. Blasi

Click HERE to watch a video from Ms. Blasi. She is CG's K-8 Music Teacher. 

This activity can be completed by K-8th Grade students. 

For today, take some time to listen to one of the following pieces (you can listen to more than one piece if you would like)

The Swan by Camille Saint Saens 
Reverie by Claude Debussy
Summer Skies by Leroy Anderson
Frere Jacques by Jim Brickman

These pieces are soothing and calming. Answer the following questions as you listen (for older grades, feel free to write your answers down or just share with someone in your family).

How did the music make you feel?
What pictures or scenes came to mind as you were listening?
Pick three words to describe the music you listened to.

Listen to the piece you chose a second time, and draw a picture while you are listening.

Further Extension
Listen to the piece you chose a third time, and move to the music.


Special Moments from Specials are intended to bless students and their families. These are not graded assignments.

Playlist on CGLS News YouTube Channel: