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kidsTuition doesn't need to be a burden. Let us show you how!

The Arizona Private School Tax Credit offers a unique opportunity for AZ taxpayers to make contributions to a School Tuition Organization like ACSTO while recommending students at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School. Taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ State Tax Credit and students receive tuition scholarships. This amazing law makes tuition affordable for all families. Please join us on our journey to EXPAND Christian education through the EMPOWERMENT of Christ-centered AZ taxpayers. Your participation makes it possible for students at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School to EXPERIENCE the love of Jesus every day. For 2018, the maximum ACSTO donation for married Arizona taxpayers is $2,213 and $1,107 for singles. If the taxpayers Arizona State income tax liability is less than the donation, the remaining portion of the credit is claimed against future taxes for up to five years. ACSTO accepts donations on-line at ACSTO.org or mail-in brochures are available for download and in the school office. View the tax credit video below for more details.

Please recommend Christ's Greenfield Lutheran School when making your donation!



No matter where you are in life, if you’re an AZ taxpayer with a heart for Christian education the Private School Tax Credit is an amazing blessing. Support Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School by recommending an individual student or simply recommending the school, which helps pay tuition for children in need. Your donation brings a child closer to Jesus and costs nothing, as the tax credit directly reduces your AZ State income tax. The well seasoned Private School tax credit has been in effect for over 15 years. Taxpayers win as the average scholarship is much less than the cost per student in public school and families are able to select the school of their choice. It’s a win for everyone.


What is a tax credit? How do I maximize my tax credit? What scholarships are available? How can my child get a scholarship? How do I build my network?

CGLS Tax Credit Workshops give donors and parents alike the opportunity to have their individual questions answered and learn how to optimize the tax credit for their particular circumstances.

DONORS: Learn how this dollar-for-dollar tax credit is much more valuable than a charitable deduction. Learn where to look on AZ 140 for last years tax liability. This is typically a good guide for deciding what amount to donate so you can write the entire credit off in the same year. Learn about the benefits of ACSTO withholding or automatic monthly donations. Discover the matching gifts program offered by many employers. Learn how easy it is to claim your tax credit. Learn about Corporate tax credits and how business owners of C and S-Corporations can contribute to both the individual and the corporate tax credit. Meet parents and see how your gift is changing lives. Join our “Scholarship Champions” committee by sharing ACSTO with others to help CGLS students in need. Donors are very special people to CGLS families.

PARENTS: Learn how donating significantly increases the number of scholarships available for CGLS families. Learn what types of scholarships are available and who qualifies. Learn when to start soliciting for scholarships while in pre-school. Learn where the best places are to apply for scholarships. Learn the rules – who can donate to your child, avoid donor swapping and other errors that can hinder scholarship awards. Learn what a blessing the Tax Credit program is and how to lovingly share it with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Learn how and when to create an annual tax credit letter and thank you notes for donors. Learn how to grow your tax credit network each year. This is a remarkable opportunity for all of us to fulfill one of our greatest responsibilities as Christians – to train and equip the next generation so they can reach out in the world and EXPAND the Kingdom of God.


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