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Tuition at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School is amazingly affordable as a result of scholarships. The Arizona Private School Tax Credit offers a unique opportunity for AZ taxpayers to make contributions to the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization (ACSTO) and recommend students at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School. Taxpayers receive a dollar-for-dollar AZ State Tax Credit and students receive tuition scholarships. ACSTO has provided over $7 million in scholarships to CGLS students since 2000 which makes tuition affordable for families at all income levels.

This program is a gift from God. His grace empowers hundreds of Christian families to recommend students at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School with ACSTO donations. Over the years, the blessing of scholarships has grown dramatically. As a result, more than 50% of CGLS students are paying less than $500 out-of-pocket for tuition each year. You can join this group too! Christ’s Greenfield offers scholarship workshops and individual “coaching sessions” where families discover which scholarships are available and develop a plan for obtaining them. Call, email, or drop by the school office if you would like to register for a scholarship workshop or schedule an individual coaching session.




workshopdate4PARENTS: Learn how donating significantly increases the number of scholarships available for CGLS students. Learn what types of scholarships are available and who qualifies. Learn when to start soliciting for scholarships while in pre-school. Learn where the best places are to apply for scholarships. Learn the rules - who can donate to your child; avoid donor swapping and other errors that can hinder scholarship awards. Learn what a blessing the Tax Credit program is and how to lovingly share it with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Learn how and when to create an annual tax credit letter and thank you notes for donors. Learn how to grow your tax credit network each year. Learn the power of prayer and experience the peace of the Lord. Christ’s Greenfield is dedicated to helping parents with scholarships. We are continually looking for new scholarship opportunities and ways to make them readily available to parents. Tuition doesn’t need to be a burden. LET US SHOW YOU HOW!


Recommend Christ's Greenfield Lutheran School when making your donation!