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Extended Learning for Preschool

Summer Break is here! This page will remain active through the summer as a resource for CG parents and online guests. 

If you are looking for an amazing early childhood experience for your child, please contact Admissions Director, Olga Garcia, in the school office. 480-892-8314 ext 114 or email ogarcia@cglschool.org.

Click HERE for Summer Learning Ideas! 


Bonus Preschool Art with Mrs. Morton



We understand that this is a confusing time for our littlest Eagles - and also a confusing time for parents as you are inundated with online ideas and 'free trials' while school campuses are closed. Mrs. Gloss and her team of teachers are sharing their expertise with you by filtering and prioritizing the best ideas out there. Many of these resources are things they do in the classroom.

Questions? Just email Mrs. Gloss jgloss@cglschool.org

Jesus Time

The Beginner Bible Stories on YouTube

The Bible! The Children's Bible that your child received from CG is THE best way to continue "Jesus Time" at school! 


Promoting Social and Emotional Health

These are great books to read with your child. Find many on Amazon or on YouTube. 

  •  Can You Be a Friend?, by Nita Everly 
  •  Care Bears Caring Contest, by Nancy Parent, illus. by  David Stein 
  •  Fox Makes Friends, by Adam Relf 
  •  How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?, by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague 
  •  How I Feel Frustrated, by Marcia Leonard 
  •  I Can Do It Myself (a Sesame Street Series), by Emily Perl Kingsley, illus. by Richard Brown 
  •  I’m in Charge of Me!, by David Parker, illus. by Sylvia Walker 
  •  Mouse Was Mad, by Linda Urban, illus. by Henry Cole 
  •  My Many Colored Days, by Dr. Seuss, illus. by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher 
  •  Sharing: How Kindness Grows, by Fran Shaw, illus. by Miki Sakamoto 
  •  When I’m Feeling Sad, by Trace Moroney 
  •  When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry, by Molly Bang


Free Resources from Lakeshore! (One of our favorite teacher stores!)


Math in the Bath?!


Ten Simple Things You Can Do at Home

Positive Discipline

Love and Logic Blog

Behavioral Health

This is a tough time for our young kiddos as they try to understand why their usual routines have been upended. Even for older kids, there is a lot weighing on their minds. Grand Canyon University provided us with some resources that we think may help you navigate this unusual time as parents: 

On Our Sleeves by Nationwide Children's Hospital 
On Our SleevesTM
 is the movement to transform children's mental health - because children don't wear their thoughts and feelings on their sleeves!

This link is specifically for the COVID-19 crisis and includes podcasts and even activities. Links include help with routines, conversation starters, and a kindness challenge. Check out the "Intentional Creativity" link! 

Power of Play

NAEYC: Why is Play Important

Christ Greenfield Preschool is the ONLY preschool in Gilbert that holds the prestigious NAEYC accreditation. The National Association for the Education of Young Children is the gold-standard for measuring the quality of an early childhood program. We encourage you to use their site as a resource anytime!


This a constant in our classroom and the kids love it!  There are also many benefits for your child when he/she plays with playdough:

  • develops and strengthens hand muscles which improves fine motor skills
  • develops a "pincer grip" (the squeezing of pointer finger and thumb) which helps in writing
  • develops creativity and imagination
  • develops hand-eye coordination
  • develops social skills as they interact, talk, discuss problems and find solutions
  • increases his/her curiosity and knowledge 

In addition, sitting at one place and squishing and squashing playdough will have a very calming and soothing effect on your child.

Below is our preschool's tried and true recipe for the best playdough ever!  Make some with your child and enjoy the fun and learning that will take place!

Basic Playdough

2 C. flour

1/2 C. salt

4 T. cream of tartar

2 C. water

5 T. vegetable oil

food coloring (any color!)

Combine all ingredients in saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently.  Mixture will look like a runny mess but will begin to thicken. When mixture starts to form a ball in center of pan, remove from heat and place dough on lightly floured surface and knead for a minute.  Store in a zip-lock storage bag. This recipe is very soft and lasts a long time when sealed in an airtight container. 


Check back regularly for more resources!