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Eagle Foundation

Christ's Greenfield Lutheran School
 Eagle Foundation

 They will soar on wings like eagles.”  Isaiah 40:31

The Eagle Foundation Committee is made up of parents, grandparents and friends who are passionate in financially supporting the ministry of Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School. Since its inception in 2007 these dedicated family members and friends have donated over $175,000 for educational enrichment programs and technology enhancements. The committee also holds an annual golf tournament to help fund-raise toward this worthy cause.

To learn more about the
visit https://birdeasepro.com/event/register/10954/

We welcome new members! Please consider making a commitment and joining us in supporting theenrichment programs and technology enhancements at CGLS! Reach out to any Steering Committee member for more information about this ministry!

Foundation Accomplishments

2008-2009: $12,000 for a reading and math specialists

2009-2010: $30,000 for Smartboard technology for four classrooms and Spanish education for Pre-K students

2011-2012: $8,000 for technology and enrichment and $7,000 in matching funds towards the Annual Fund campaign.

2012-2013: $10,000 for a technology consultant, 4 overhead projectors, 3 additional document cameras, 19 Chromebooks for 6th and 7th grade students, wiring for overhead projectors in all rooms, and the purchase of Rosetta Stone language curriculum.

2013-2014: $10,000 for campus wide wireless router updates, Tech 21 registration, and LSEM Partnership

2014-2015: $18,200 for 10 iPads (including preschool), document camera, data projector, and physical education teacher

2015-2016: Funded the following:

$5,000 toward LSEM (Lutheran Special Education Ministres) instructor
$5,000 toward one STEAM
(Science, Technology, Enrichment, Art, Math) instructor
$4,400 for six STEAM tables
$1,000 toward TEC21 (technology training for teachers)

2016/2017: $31,000 for theatre wireless mic technology 

2017/2018: $31,500 for theatre sound upgrades & library software

Donate here!

Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church and School

c/o Eagle Foundation

425 N Greenfield Road

Gilbert, AZ 85234

Phone: 408-892-8314

Steering Committee:

Estrella Childress, Trey Cox, Matt Drager, Bart & Kristen Haiduk, Jeff Rodemeyer,

Ed Lamb, Pete Schmitt, Paul Vaughn