Our CAMPUS is CLOSED, but student LEARNING will CONTINUE.  Stay tuned for text alerts, emails, and social media posts for updates!

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Cactus Christian Schools League


Purpose of the Athletic Program

Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School (CGLS) makes every effort to help prepare students for a life of service to God and others. The purpose of our Athletic Program is to further provide students with the opportunities to develop their God-given abilities, while teaching Christian character and life skills such as cooperation, self-sacrifice, leadership, fair play, good sportsmanship, and a common concern for others. This growth will better enable our students to witness Jesus Christ in all areas of their life. 

Goals of the Athletic Program

  • To give all students the opportunity to recognize, develop and use their God-given talents and abilities for the glory of Christ on and off the playing surface.
  • To add to the total educational experience of every student at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School by providing out of classroom socialization and Christian fellowship through sports.
  • To promote fitness and physical development as well as mental conditioning through team sports.
  • To allow all participants a positive experience pertaining to interscholastic sports and develop a lifelong enjoyment for sports and athletic activities.
  • To develop a sense of good sportsmanship.
  • To build up a team attitude that encourages students to place group goals above self-desires and work to develop individual skills that will contribute to the team in each specialized sport. 

“Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a
crown that will not last: but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.”

1 Corinthians 9:25

Sports Level Philosophies:


The focus of the ADM is to develop the fundamental skills of each individual player with small-area games and drills. Intramural games only.


Participation at this level is focused primarily on individual skill developmental. The goal is to continue each athlete’s progress on an individual basis while learning the fundamentals of team play. Team success is a goal but not the main priority. CGLS students make up the team, but the individual sports are organized through local community programs. Games are scheduled through the community league.


Participation at this level is competitive. Team cohesion and success become the main goals with an emphasis on winning. At this level student-athletes must be willing to discover and accept their role on the team. Playing time is based on the athlete’s skill level, practice presence and attitude, as well as game situations. This means that unequal playing time is likely to occur.

Sports Opportunities

Only students enrolled at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School may be members of the athletic teams. Some sports may be dropped due to lack of participation. At present, we offer the following sports at Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran School:

“Varsity” Level (Middle School):




Fall Sports (Aug.–Oct.):(Aug.–Sept.):





Winter Sports (Nov.–Jan.):(Oct.–Dec.):





Spring Sports (Feb–Apr.):(Jan.–Mar.):


Co-ed Soccer


Girls’ Volleyball (A & B)

Boys’ Flag Football

Girls’ Fastpitch Softball


Boys’ Baseball

Cross Country (5th-8th)

Girls’ Basketball (A & B)


Boys’ Basketball (A & B)

Golf (5th-8th)

Track & Field (4th-8th)

“Intermediate” Level (4th-5th Grade):




Fall Sports (Aug.–Oct.):





Winter Sports (Nov.–Jan.):





Spring Sports (Feb–Apr.):


Co-ed Soccer
Girls’ Volleyball
Co-ed Basketball Boys’ Baseball
Girls’ Fastpitch Softball

ADM Program (2nd-3rd Grade):




Fall Sport (Oct-Nov.):





Winter Sport (Jan.-Feb.):





Spring Sports (Mar.-Apr.):


Co-ed Baseball & Softball Co-ed Soccer Co-ed Basketball
Track & Field