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7th Grade


  • Christian Learning: Christian Character Formation Project, Life’s Big Questions God’s Big Answers (Brad Alles) and Case for Christ Student Edition
  • Language Arts: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Elements of Literature (reading) and novel studies (language arts skills),  Shurley Method (English)
  • Math: Discovery Education Math Techbooks
  • Science: Discovery Education Science Techbooks (Life Science)
  • Social Studies: Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook  (American history to Civil War)
  • Electives: Students choose from a variety of electives, including: Yearbook, The Roost (middle school snack shop), art classes, music classes, STEM exploration, public speaking, Worship team, Spirit Shop, etc
  • Global Languages: Students select one: Spanish, German, French, American Sign Language
  • Physical Education: Students participate in PE three times a week (uniform required)
  • Fine Arts: Opportunities include band, choir, music, and show choir-style instruction offered weekly and participation in a theater production.
  • Technology:  Technology is incorporated throughout the day to enhance lessons through document cameras, classroom iPads and student-owned Chromebooks

Christ. Quality. Community.

Christ:  Learn Bible stories and basic building blocks of faith in Christ.  Understand a biblical worldview.  Explain what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and develop an understanding of how to live a Christ-centered life. Memorize Scripture and have an opportunity to openly discuss their        personal faith. Participate in daily prayer, Family Peer Groups, and a weekly chapel.

Quality: Practice and improve on their study skills, organizational skills, and learn to be a good citizen while learning to be responsible for their own learning. Master algebraic basics, presentation skills, creative and expository writing, critical thinking skills, basic language skills,  and increase reading    comprehension while focusing on the elements of literature.

Community: Work together to develop Christ-centered relationships with each other, teachers, and families. Participate in ways to give back to the community of Gilbert and throughout the world through mission opportunities like Operation Christmas Child and food drives for a community food bank. Participate with classmates in Hearts and Hands in Motion community service projects.   Engage in an individual capstone project to plan a community service project.

Technology Integration

Students are given a Google Chromebook to utilize for instruction and homework.  Each student has a Christ Greenfield e-mail account through Google. Students utilize Google Drive and Google Classroom regularly with particular focus on Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms. 

From the moment the students are given the Chromebooks, technology care and online safety is a priority.  Christ Greenfield utilizes Go Guardian to monitor student online behavior. We also utilize "whitelists" and restrict email usage to CG domain use only. Responsibility and good digital citizenship are key components in the technology curriculum at the middle school level.


  • Athletics: Flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, golf, track and cross country.
  • Clubs: Chess Club, FIRST LEGO League (robotics), Ovation, Student Council

Field Trips

Various field trips are taken each year which tie into curriculum and/or develop an appreciation for the arts. The optional culminating seventh-grade class trip is to Catalina Island through Mountain and Sea Adventures. Cost of trip is not included in tuition.